Car body and muffler welding in Oger City, Latvia

Welding the old one vs. buying a new one

In the case of car mufflers, the main reason to opt for welding is the costs. A new muffler or exhaust system can cost a lot more than welding the existing one. However, one must take into account that welding is a temporary solution only and not everything can be welded.

The car body is different. Welded parts or door sills can last much longer than car parts subject to constant vibration and loads. And if you’re not willing to buy a new car, then welding is probably the only alternative. You cannot pass the MOT or roadworthiness test with a sill rust hole.

Car body welding costs

Door sill replacement  
 EUR 200

Exhaust welding costs

 Corrugation replacement             
from EUR 25

* the costs shown here are charged for work, any parts are not included

* a piecework and flat rate arrangement is possible

* service costs may vary depending on work complexity

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