Car transmission repair in Ogre City, Latvia

The clutch is slipping? Popping out of gear?

Surely, you won’t get far with a car like that. Clutch slipping most likely indicates that it needs to be replaced. Clutch life varies from car to car. You will be able to drive a few hundred thousand km more after clutch replacement.

If there is a problem with the gearbox and you want to have it fixed, please note that your car will have to stay at the car repair shop for a few days at the least. In order to find the problem, the gearbox has to be removed and disassembled, then the damaged parts etc. have to be ordered and replaced. Finding a donor car for the gearbox speeds up the process of replacement, but there is no guarantee that the gearbox from the donor car will be OK.

Manual gearbox repairs only.

Transmission repair costs

Clutch replacement
from EUR 100
Gearbox replacement      from EUR 100

* the costs shown here are charged for work, any parts are not included

* a piecework and flat rate arrangement is possible

* service costs may vary depending on work complexity

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