Wheel alignment in Ogre City, Latvia

Why is wheel alignment necessary?

Wheel alignment or adjustment of wheel angles is performed to ensure that the travel of all 4 car wheels on the road is straight and true. Correct wheel alignment improves driving experience, driving safety and prevents uneven tyre wear. The part of the tyre under the heaviest load wears out faster, just like the shoes.

When is wheel alignment required?

The main signs that your car needs alignment are:

  • nuneven wear of a tyre/tyres
  • when driving, the steering wheel pulls to one side or another

A car can get out of alignment after hitting a pothole with sharp edges or after visiting a car repair shop for the replacement of parts of the running gear related to wheel alignment. When replacing such parts, a competent car technician will normally also warn you of the necessity to perform alignment after the repair.

You as the car owner are responsible for ensuring your car has proper wheel alignment!

Wheel alignment is recommended after mounting new tyres to prevent uneven tyre wear and to ensure the new tyres last longer, and also for the reasons mentioned above. Please keep in mind that uneven tyre wear can also be caused by improper tyre pressure. If a tyre is overinflated – the pressure is too high (over 2.6 bar), the centre of the tyre can wear out; if a tyre is underinflated – the pressure is too low (under 2 bar), tyre sidewalls will wear out faster than the tyre centre. Read the section Tyre mounting and balancing for more about tyre pressure.

Alignment costs

EUR 40
Off-road vehicle EUR 45
MinivanEUR 50

* the costs shown here are charged for work, any parts are not included

* service costs may vary depending on work complexity

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