Headlight adjustment in Ogre City, Latvia

Headlight adjustment in Ogre City on the way to the CSDD building

Proper adjustment of headlights will not only help you avoid taking a repeated MOT test, it will also ensure good driving visibility at night. Another important point here is the correct aiming and alignment of headlight beams; if the headlights aim too high, you can blind the driver of the oncoming car, which is definitely not good for you! Or, vice versa, if the headlights aim too low, road visibility is reduced.

Headlight misalignment

Beam height has to be checked whenever headlight bulbs are replaced. Headlight misalignment may also occur due to mechanical defects, also on hitting a large pothole or if the bulb had a defect previously and was not secured properly in its place on replacement.

Testing of lights and headlamps is mandatory for cars once a year when undergoing an MOT test. If there have been no problems with car lights in the meantime between two MOT tests, your car lights are most likely fine and no additional inspection is required.

- When replacing headlight bulbs, replacing both bulbs is recommended. The light beam will be more even and road visibility will be better. If an old bulb is left on one side, it may differ from the new one in light colour and brightness.

Headlight beam adjustment costs

Dipped and full beam headlight adjustmentEUR 10
Fog light adjustmentEUR 5
Bulb replacement (excl. bulb cost)   from EUR 8
Headlight polishing (2 pcs.)EUR 25

* the costs shown here are charged for work, any parts are not included

* service costs may vary depending on work complexity

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